Celtic’s CD Release Party

DEM Pros and Last Laugh Records present:

CELTIC’S CD Release Party!

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March 10, 2012, doors open at 9:00 p.m.

Crazy shit will be going down that night. Don’t miss the CD Release Party that everyone will be talking about, dare we say, for the SHOCK factor, for weeks after. If you like music about ponies and rainbows, stay your ass at home. If the word FUCK offends you, we will not supply the ear plugs, but maybe a crack to your skull will knock some sense into you, which we will gladly compliment you with. If you’re a crying whining local artist coming to start shit and pretend you’re better than everyone else, do us all a favor and go play rock star somewhere else cuz no one likes you anyway. This party is for the FANS of real hip hop music.

Just north of I-696

We’re only letting 200 crazy ass people in the building that night. Tickets will be on sale February 25th. Once they are gone, you’re screwed, so make sure you get at Celtic, Mama Kay, KPZ of Last Laugh Records or any of the openers for your tickets well in advance of the show.


About marcus

Born Marcus Palazzolo, KPZ has been writing and rhyming since Trapper Keepers and Pony kicks were the in-thing. Hailing from Utica, Michigan, he has differentiated himself from other mitten-molded beat makers with melodious instrumentation and harmonic jazz beats, which combine to a powerful mix of emotional hip-hop.