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So for today’s White rap artists, now fighting the same uphill dilemma as yesteryear’s Negro League Baseball Players, they must stay persistent in their fight to prove their legitimacy. The solution: Grind…grind…then grind some more! Well, since their modest beginning in 2006, this is exactly what the members of Last Laugh Records have done. With multiple cds released and a plethora of live performances to their credit, the members of Last Laugh Records intend to have the “last laugh”!

Last Laugh Records began as just producer/rapper Marcus “Kalmplekz (KPZ)” Palazzolo, in the garage of a suburban home. Being a devoted husband and loving father of three daughters first, Sicilian-bred Kalmplekz, owner of Last Laugh Records, made sacrifices at the expense of his family and invested financially little-by-little to establish The Little House On Hayes Studio in December of 2007, located in Sterling Heights.

Last Laugh Records began production with its first artist, Irish-born Hooligan, releasing his debut The Fresh Batch Mixtapes Vol. 1 & 2 in April of 2008. The project went unnoticed but the label didn’t miss a beat, signing Greg “Celtic” Hunt, an Irish-born Mt. Clemens hip-hop artist whose sound at times came off as brash and dark yet still lyrically driven, even poetic.

While co-writing and recording new material for Hooligan and working on Celtic’s debut release, Kalmplekz released his own project, The OutKold Mixtape, showing his diversity as a producer and an artist. With product in the streets, Last Laugh Records devoted its attention to its newest member Celtic, releasing his debut The Dead Leaves Mixdisc in winter of 2008. From start to end of his mixdisc, Celtic, the self-proclaimed “Irish Alcoholic”, goes hard, making it apparent from track 1 that his music is not made for the sensitive.

Riding the success of Celtic’s mixdisc, Last Laugh Records released Hooligan’s follow-up titled The Super Sophomore Mixdisc in February of 2009. Featuring known local artists such as Chief and the late Mitch E. Mitch, Hooligan’s sophomore project went much better than his debut and was kicked off with a successful CD Release Party (thrown by yours truly), which brought out new and old supporters, as well as friends and family. One such supporter was a 19-year-old eastside Detroit Native named Vincent “Vinnie-D” Walker. Vinnie-D spent his time at the release party near the entrance, spitting for and against any willing artists entering the building, catching the attention of Last Laugh Record’s CEO Kalmplekz. Not long after that fateful night, Vinnie-D was signed to the label and brought into the studio to start formulating his cd.

As KPZ released his second disc, The Nightlight Vol. 1 (May 2009), Vinnie-D worked steadily on his own mixdisc. Vinnie-D’s mixdisc, The Triumphant Mixtape, was released in October of 2009, providing Last Laugh Records with a young perspective towards music and a genuine urban sound. Quickly making noise wherever he performed, Vinnie-D’s smash single “Smoke Lenz Cartiez” has won over crowds everywhere and will feature on this month’s Coast2Coast mixtape.

Having performed just about everywhere, such as The Ritz Soundstage, The Emerald Theatre, St. Andrew’s Hall and The Eagle Theater, Last Laugh Records has shown no signs of slowing down. Collectively, the members of the label have opened shows for many of Detroit’s rap heavy-hitters such as Stretch Money, Esham, K-Deezy, Tone-Tone, Royce Da 5’9” and Trick-Trick.

The label has been in Metro Times magazine on several occasions, interviewed on Port Huron’s RapReport HD, mentioned in Coast2Coast Weekly, and has been in rotation on Canadian Radio for almost a year. Continuing when grind hard work ethics, the label is scheduled to release three new albums early 2010, lead off by Kalmplekz’s Earhole Infection.

When asked about the state of today’s hip-hop Kalmplekz stated, “The hip-hop music industry in Michigan is too packed of people who hate without reason…The Mid-West needs unity”! Well, bro, I agree…true indeed.

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