KPZ’s Releases “Relentless”

KPZ’s “Relentless” is the first release off of his upcoming cd “SLAVE2SOUND” off the label LAST LAUGH RECORDS, which he owns and operates. KPZ is one-fourth of a group called Four Unique Mindz, aka The 4UM, and also one-half of the duo Shock-N-Awe along side Kaine Boy. For more music, videos, live show dates, and other up-to-date information on the Last Laugh Lyricists please check out and subscribe to
Artist: KPZ
Beat:  TWEAK B.T.K.
Guest: U.G.A. (Undaground Affiliate) aka Jason Voorheis
Filmed on: July 11,2014 & July 13,2014
Filmed by: Marcus “KPZ”, Jason “U.G.A.”, & Mic McClain
Filmed in: Pontiac, Michigan & Sterling Heights, Michigan
Edited by: Marcus “KPZ”

About marcus

Born Marcus Palazzolo, KPZ has been writing and rhyming since Trapper Keepers and Pony kicks were the in-thing. Hailing from Utica, Michigan, he has differentiated himself from other mitten-molded beat makers with melodious instrumentation and harmonic jazz beats, which combine to a powerful mix of emotional hip-hop.