Listen to the New Release “Never Lookin Back”

“Never Lookin Back” features artists such as:

  • Celtic
  • Vinnie-D
  • K.P.Z.
  • With special appearances by Dope Da Vinci, Al-In, Gutta Grimm, and C-Wright

This will be the first collaborative piece from Last Laugh Records.

The new cd release will be available online thru the following:

You can also pick up physical copies through Last Laugh Records or directly by calling (586) 855-2527

Upcoming Releases:

  • CELTIC “DOWN” (Full Length CD) MARCH 2011
  • K.P.Z. “EARHOLE INFEKTION” (Full Length CD) April 2011
  • VINNIE-D “STRAIT UP OUT THA MITTEN” (Full Length CD) April 2011

About marcus

Born Marcus Palazzolo, KPZ has been writing and rhyming since Trapper Keepers and Pony kicks were the in-thing. Hailing from Utica, Michigan, he has differentiated himself from other mitten-molded beat makers with melodious instrumentation and harmonic jazz beats, which combine to a powerful mix of emotional hip-hop.