The long awaited release of “STR8 UP OUT DA MITTEN” by Vinnie-D is finally among us. December 22, 2013 is a day for the books. From street grit, to raw spit…from hustle game to hipster fame…cutting edge and ready to change the game, this album is the culmination of patience, professionalism, and careful crafting of a masterpiece. Beat production by DJ MPo$$ible, Freshton Jiles, Staxx N Keyz, Strik N9NE, and Jane Doe. Appearances by Seawright, Freshton Jiles, and Mickey Blu. Last Laugh Records and East Side Made Music cordially invite you and your eardrums to a beautiful unveiling of the future in Mitten Made Music…VINNIE-D’s “STR8 UP OUT DA MITTEN”


About marcus

Born Marcus Palazzolo, KPZ has been writing and rhyming since Trapper Keepers and Pony kicks were the in-thing. Hailing from Utica, Michigan, he has differentiated himself from other mitten-molded beat makers with melodious instrumentation and harmonic jazz beats, which combine to a powerful mix of emotional hip-hop.